Plasma Pen

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Crows Feet


Forehead Lift


Glabella (Frown Lines)


Cheek Lift


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Key Benefits of Plasma Pen
Non Surgical Eye Rejuvenation ( upper and lower blephroplasty)
Highly versatile lifting and Tightening of any area of the skin:
Plasma Face lift
Plasma Neck lift
Dramatically reduce wrinkles and lines
Remove skin tags, sunspots and moles
Diminish stretch marks
Tighten loose skin post pregnancy
Why Choose Plasma Pen:
The Plasma Pen is a gold standard device which is well reputed in the aesthetic industry, and the only device asked for by name. Results are dramatic and can often be seen to create an immediate effect. Unlike other skin tightening techniques, such as microneedling, Plasma pen causes controlled trauma to the upper most layer of the skin (epidermis), whilst also stimulating the dermal layer without physical penetration. Its ability to deliver highly targeted delivery has proven it safe and effective for the more delicate eye area, often providing dramatic results and reducing the need for surgical upper/lower blepharoplasty.
Unlike laser resurfacing the results are uniform, and do not damage the surrounding tissues. Patients are in control of their preferred outcomes as results are natural looking, cumulative and respond well to successive treatments, hence over-corrections do not occur. Results will align with the individuals natural healing process. Hence lifestyle and age will be key factors in maintaining the desired results.
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How Plasma Pen Works:
The Plasma Pen Discharges plasma energy causing a controlled micro trauma resulting in a carbon crust forming on the skins surface area, simultaneously heat and disrupts at a deeper dermal layer and creates activation of fibroblasts (responsible for building the underlying matrix to the skin).
The carbon crusts on the skins surface is are replaced with new cells from the basal layer, whilst just below elastin plus collagen levels are increased,and hydrochloric acid binds with water at the trauma site to plump out the skin. This is the bodies automatic response to healing, and the ultimate aim of delivering controlled trauma to the skin. Results are plumper, tighter, thicker,  younger looking skin.
Is Plasma Pen Safe:
As with most treatments there are contraindication to having Plasma Pen, all to be discussed in your FREE consultation with your Plasma Pen technician. Please note this treatment is not suitable for darker skin types, where perhaps HIFU and Dermapen® would be a better alternative. This is due to hyper or hypo pigmentation that may occur in people with greater levels of melanin in their skin during the healing process. Otherwise Plasma Pen is known to be one of the safest plasma devices on the market. As always your technician should have been appropriately trained and ready to give sound advice, ask to see certification plus enrolment on the website.