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Laser Lipolysis

Melt away fat in stubborn areas that can be hard to reach with diet and exercise alone. Laser Lypolosis can also treat a greater variety of areas, and with faster results than other aesthetic body sculpting treatments. Results are accelerated by both exercise and a healthy diet.

 It’s Safe and Non Invasive:

The Procedure is totally safe, and results are rapid; with no downtime, pain or bruising. Once the target areas are identified paddles are applied over the given area and held in place with velcro straps. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Dual wavelength, low energy laser rays are directed at the membranes of the fat cells, resulting in their greater permeability. The walls of the fat cells are now more able to release their triglycerides (fat) into the interstitial space, from where the body will be able to metabolize it as fuel. Cardio vascular exercise directly following your treatment is an important component to this whole process being effective.

Areas Treated: Inner thighs, Outer thighs, Stomach (upper/lower), Love Handles, Flanks, Back Fat, Arms and Chin.

How Does Laser Lipolysis Work:

Laser Lipolysis effectively targets stubborn fatty areas using low wavelength laser delivered directly to the membrane of the fat cells. The result is increased permeability of the cellular membrane, hence the ability for the fatty acids to be released and ready to be used as energy.

Cardio vascular exercise via: running, swimming, cycling etc is then needed to burn up this energy. A low carb and low-fat diet, alongside the abstinence of alcohol and increased water intake will drastically accelerate this process.

Laser Lipolysis enhances and targets your cardio workout drastically! It can take upto 20-25 minutes before fat starts to burn during cardiovascular exercise on it’s own, however post Laser Lipolysis this effect is immediate! The added benefit of our treatment is that you have already selected the areas from where you would like this fat to be removed, not a choice we have during regular exercise.

Results are cumulative, and dependent on desired results and excess fat, clients will see good results from 3, but may have up to 12 in conjunction with their regulated exercise routine alongside a healthy diet.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

On arrival you will have a consultation with your therapist, identifying key areas that you wish to target, and ensuring that there are no contraindications to this treatment in your health questionnaire. From here paddles are placed over the skin of the area to be treated and held in place via velcro straps. Treatment times may vary between 20 – 60 minutes, dependent on skin type and required results. The paddles have small fans so as not to overheat the skin, then you sit back, relax and build up energy for your cardio workout following treatment. Post treatment you may use our studio, or join a class, perhaps even go for a run over Clapham Common and leave your valuables safely with us until your return.

Is Laser Lipolysis Safe

Laser Lipolysis is both safe and effective with no downtime, discomfort or bruising post treatment. Our device has been proven to be medically safe. We use the Antartica system, by all white laser, which has been given the European Union’s medical device approval, and has received its CE Seal of Approval (FDA is the American Version). Your practitioner will carry out a questionnaire to ensure you are suitable for this treatment and your expectations will be discussed. As previously mentioned, it is imperative to do cardio vascular exercise and follow a healthy diet post each Laser Lipolysis Session.