Thirty Minutes


Forty Five Minutes


Sixty Minutes


The Key Benefits of Massage

Reduce Muscle Tension
Management of Back Pain
Improve Circulation
Stimulate the lymphatic system
Reduce Stress Hormones
Deep Relaxation
Alleviate Insomnia
Increased Joint Mobility and Flexibility
Supports Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries
Re-balancing and Vitalising of the Bodies Natural Energy
Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Why Choose Massage at Mojo Aesthetics

Here at Mojo all our therapists have at least a decade’s experience, we are passionate in the field of complimentary therapies as a way of managing wellbeing on all levels, so rest assured you are in safe hands. Your therapist will use an intuitive combination of restorative and deep tissue massage, reading your bodies response to the therapy alongside personal preferences, we want you to benefit from optimal results.

Massage reduces painful contractions and spasms in the muscle. On a physical level muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and circulation all benefit from Massage Therapy. On a mental / emotional level the nervous system is brought to a greater sense of balance, stress hormones are reduced and symptoms of long-term stress can be alleviated. The body is able to come to a greater sense of balance, and natural / vital energies can be replenished. If you ever experience the feeling of being “bone tired” a good massage, relax in a calm environment, and a good sleep can be just what you need to help restore you.

What you should do after a massage treatment.

Drink water! We can’t stress this one enough. …
Eat. A Healthy Nutritious meal will be well absorbed…
Rest. So, you’ve just taken some time out. …
Have a bath. Add Epsom Salts to Deepen your muscular relaxation …
Welcome any emotions. …
Notice your body’s reaction.
Early to Bed! Perhaps read a book, after a good night’s sleep awaken restored.

What to Expect During Your Massage

Some people feel a little nervous if they have not previously experienced a massage, however your modesty is maintained at all times. Also make your therapist aware if you have an area of your body you do not wish to be touched, and speak up to guide your therapist to where you feel you are benefiting the most. If you have run from work or finished a class, feel welcome to use our showers upstairs prior to your session. Try not to eat a heavy meal before hand, but a light snack is a good idea in order to prevent hunger. Arrive a little early and have a cup of herbal tea in reception, feel free to stay and relax a little after