Fat Freezing

One Applicator


Two Applicators


Four Applicators 


How the process works

Fat cells can be stubborn
even with diet and exercise

The process of Cryolipolysis targets and kills these cells

The dead cells are naturally eliminated from the body

The results are long term as the cells are gone for good

Abdominal Fat Freezing Journey


it was identified that 4 applicators would give optimal results. 2 to cover the front of the abdomen and 2 for the sides. 4 applicators is the maximum we use per session so the body is able to process the dead fat cells. more physical activity and water intake = faster processing.


a considerable improvement. as fatty tissue has reduced the navel has lifted and the sides are beginning to take shape. a  dress size has been dropped. however  there is still enough subcutaneous fat under the skin to administrate another 4 applicators for optimal results.


here the navel has again lifted and the hip bone is starting to appear. the sides have yet more shape and the mole from the right of the navel is a good indicator from beginning to end of the lifting of the skin with the lessening weight of subcutaneous fat

Why Choose Mojo Aesthetics for Fat Freezing

At Mojo Aesthetics in Clapham we provide high quality and competitively priced treatments in London, unlike some clinics we do not make you tie into multiple fat freezing sessions in order to benefit from our current discounts. We know once you have been to us you will simple want to come back for our honest and trustworthy services, not to mention our extremely reasonable pricing for London. We are conveniently situated on Clapham High Street right next to Clapham Common Station (Northern Line), in a beautiful boutique Clinic.

 Freeze away fat that can be exercise and diet resistant, targeted weight loss means you can tackle those troublesome areas without having to loose weight where you DON’T want. Create a personalised programme to help eliminate problem areas and sculpt a more confident you